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Toronto West End

A handful of vibrant and multi-cultural neighbourhoods create the fabric of Toronto’s west end.

From Kensington Market to Chinatown, through Little Italy and the Fashion District to The Annex, Parkdale, High Park and beyond the buzz of the big city bustle are in evidence with every passing day.

Featuring a mix of upscale and working class, historic single dwellings, condo and apartment complexes and townhouses, the west end real estate market is as diverse as its inhabitants. It is hardly any wonder that driving along the Lakeshore or the Gardiner from the west is an exercise in counting cranes as innumerable condo complexes rise in the west.

Toronto West - Real Estate Agent
"Toronto's Kensington Market" by Jason Baker. Labelled for reuse - Google Images

Quintessentially Toronto, Queen Street helps to define much of what the west end has become, with its endless litany of menus, cocktails, cocktail dresses and shop till you drop amenities. Creative, artistic and there’s a little something for everyone, young and old, new or established, outdoorsy or the consummate urban dweller with a preponderance of parks, recreation areas, waterfront boardwalks and storefronts.

The Toronto West End real estate market is the perfect place for families seeking to feel like a part of a neighbourhood with a seemingly infinite number of schools for all ages and grade levels.

So if you’re looking for a passionate, committed, invested real estate agent who understands the many opportunities available in the Toronto West End give me call, Colton Rice, 647-558-6389 to set up a meeting.

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