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Riverdale, Toronto ON

Located just east and across the river from the downtown Toronto core, Riverdale is quintessentially a reflection of Toronto’s cultural fabric. Bounded by the Don River to the west, Danforth to the north, Lakeshore to the south and Leslieville to the east, Riverdale is a multi-cultural melange including Greektown, Chinatown east and everything in between.

Resplendent with its Edwardian and Victorian structures constructed through the 1800s, the neighbourhood was working class in origin with many residences serving as boarding room houses. Today, many have been renovated and revitalized, serving as starter homes for young families along its tree-lined streets.

Colton Rice - Riverdale Real Estate Agent
"Classic Victorian row houses in So-Riv" by Housefly. Labelled for reuse - Google Images

With families comes schools and Riverdale is awash in educational institutions, both public and Catholic through all ages. The most renowned however, was actually the fictional Degrassi Junior High for the TV show of the same name, after an area street. TV shows and movies are a feature of the neighbourhood as more than one film studio dots the area landscape.

With the river to the west and the lake to the south, Riverdale is nothing if not verdant with its myriad pathways, parks, recreation areas and green spaces. For a neighbourhood with the best of everything a young family could want, Riverdale easily fits the bill.

So if you’re looking for a passionate, committed, invested real estate agent who understands the many opportunities available in Riverdale give me call, Colton Rice, 647-558-6389 to set up a meeting.

Riverdale Real Estate Agent - Colton Rice

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