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Colton Rice - Toronto Condo Agent

Whether you’re buying, selling or seeking to rent a condo in Toronto or the GTA, as Canada’s largest real estate market, a preponderance of opportunities exist, making the expertise of an experienced real estate agent invaluable throughout the process from choosing your condo through financing. Colton Rice, The Fridman Team and Forest Hill Real Estate have handled buying, selling and rental agreements and have worked closely with countless clients in both the pre-construction and resale.

Buying A Condo In The Toronto Market

For those seeking to buy a condominium in Toronto and the surrounding GTA, whether for the first time or as a resale or an investment property, pros and cons abound.

Pre-construction condo developments frequently but not always typically offer a lower purchase price as incentive for ownership and depending on the market also offer a variety of locations to choose from, in addition to options for upgrade and fewer required renovations. Conversely, in looking to purchase a pre-construction condo unit, beyond the model suite, you may have to rely on your imagination, floor plans and sketches in envisioning the finished product… which may not be ready in time.

For purchasing in the resale condo market, obviously, you know what you’re getting and the risk of delays or wait times is nominal. And, older resale condos may have larger units available, typically requiring a much reduced initial deposit than pre-construction. However, particularly with older condos, renovations may be required and upgrades or amenities may not be on the table.

Selling A Condo In The Toronto Market

With a high inventory condominium market such as Toronto and the surrounding GTA, a real estate agent with specialized condo knowledge can help ensure you maximize the value in the sale of your condo property. From multiple showings to staging and beyond, a condo agent can help not only in simply facilitating the sale of your condo, but accelerating it based on specific knowledge of the market.

Renting A Condo In The Toronto Market

Even if you’re not looking to buy or sell a condo, a condo agent can help take some of the stress out of renting a condo. Knowing where to look, how to access the hidden “gems” and the ins and outs of a rental agreement are only the beginning of that to expect from your agent. Those who chose to rent need not worry about mortgage payments, maintenance costs, renovation costs, taxes or interest rates. Renting affords peace of mind.

Colton Rice – Toronto condo real estate agent. Call 647-558-6389 for a meeting.

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