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Cabbagetown, Toronto ON

Perhaps more aptly an enclave than a neighbourhood, Cabbagetown, properly defined as Cabbagetown - South St. Jamestown is located on the east side of downtown Toronto. Extending south from Wellesley to Gerrard, and east west from Parliament to the Don River, Cabbagetown became a Heritage Conservation District in 2004.

The name Cabbagetown is derived of Irish immigrants who moved to the neighbourhood dating back to the mid 1800’s. Of little means and income, they grew cabbages in their front yards. From its meager start, Cabbagetown actually became one of Toronto’s largest slums and was razed in the 1940s.

Cabbagetown - Real Estate Agent
"Houses In Cabbagetown" image author Jay Woodworth, Brooklyn, NY. Labelled for reuse - Google Images

But how things have changed. Home now to artists, entrepreneurs and intellects alike, the gentrification of this resplendent neighbourhood is directly attributed to a Toronto real estate agent, Darrell Kent and his polished, professional network of contacts in the 1970’s.

Thriving still today, Cabbagetown’s residential signature is restored, narrow Victorian row houses that remain among the most desirable in Toronto’s thriving property market. And in fact, Cabbagetown is home to the largest area of preserved Victorian homes in all of North America.

So if you’re looking for a passionate, committed, invested real estate agent who understands the many opportunities available in Cabbagetown give me call, Colton Rice, 647-558-6389 to set up a meeting.

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